Promote green lighting will significantly reduce carbon emissions

"By 2020, China's semiconductor lighting industry output size is expected to more than one trillion yuan, will greatly benefit the energy-saving and emission reduction." National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance, Deputy Secretary-General RuanJun said.

Semiconductor (LED) lighting is also known as solid-state lighting, following the incandescent, fluorescent light another revolution. Statistics show that on average six hours a day to calculate lighting, a LED lighting compared with the same illumination of incandescent lamp, a year can save about 76.65 kwh of electricity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 107.3 kg, 26.83 kg of standard coal savings; and compared to the same fluorescent illumination, a year can save about 40 kwh of electricity, 42.75 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, saving 13.68 kg of standard coal.

It is because of energy saving, long life, widely used features, semiconductor lighting as an important area of energy-saving and environmental protection industry, is one of China's strategic emerging industries. In recent years, the lighting key technology and international level continued to narrow the gap between China's semiconductor, in the pursuit of high efficiency at the same time, LED lighting forward to the on-demand lighting.

Currently, in the LED lighting industry chain, each link of technical breakthrough and innovation is rapidly increasing. In terms of materials, new substrate material and technology progressed rapidly; in lighting applications, cost, reliability and light quality has been improved; in non-visual lighting, the research of the biotechnology, agriculture, medical treatment, uv LED rapid development; in industrial research, combined with building materials and LED lighting has improved; intelligent lighting is the most attention in the field, the rapid development of technologies and applications.

Ruan Jun told reporters, with the breakthrough technology, the emerging energy-saving effect and continue to expand the industrial scale, and applications continue to expand, the semiconductor lighting industry in China's lighting industry has established a dominant position, and entered a critical period of development .

2015, China's semiconductor lighting industry as a whole will reach more than 4,200 one hundred million yuan, the scale from 350.7 billion yuan in 2014 increased by 21%, keep the high-speed growth. Among them, the epitaxial silicon size of about 15 billion yuan, the package size of about 60 billion yuan, the scale of the downstream applications rose to 340 billion yuan. At the same time, semiconductor lighting industry in energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity has also made remarkable achievements. 2015, LED functional lighting market penetration rate of 30%, saving 100 billion kwh, and reduce the more than 9000 ten thousand tons of carbon dioxide.

RuanJun analysis said, because the LED light source is electronics, especially suitable for combined with automatic control and sensing technology, the development of intelligent lighting, at the same time of individuation, comfortable, safe and efficient, can further through the system of management to achieve something greater than itself of lamps and secondary energy saving effect (can be energy-saving 30%), therefore, intelligent lighting to replace traditional lighting is the inevitable trend of the future lighting industry development. It will also make the LED lighting has play a more important role in promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction.

According to the National Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance predicts that by 2020, China's semiconductor lighting industry market penetration rate of 70%, the annual saving 340 billion kwh, the Three Gorges Hydropower 2014 annual generating capacity of 3.4 times.

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Integrated Systems Europe 2016

Exhibition name: Integrated Systems Europe 2016
Exhibition time: 9-12 February, 2016
Exhibition location: Amsterdam, RAI, NL

The Story of ISE
The first Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) tradeshow was held in Geneva, Switzerland in February 2004. Since then, the annual event has grown from 120 exhibitors and 3,500 visitors, to a record-breaking 12th year that saw ISE 2015 welcome more than 1,000 exhibitors and almost 60,000 visitors through the doors of the Amsterdam RAI.
This further cements ISE’s position as the world’s fastest-growing and best-attended show for professional AV and electronic systems - setting the benchmark for other industry tradeshows.
The organisation behind ISE - Integrated Systems Events LLC - is a joint venture between InfoComm International and CEDIA, the two leading industry associations for the global audiovisual industry.
As well as ISE, Integrated Systems Events LLC organises a series of industry conferences during the year. This includes Digital Signage Summits in Munich, Dubai and Moscow (DSS Europe, DSS MENA and DSS Russia), the Smart Building Conference (SBC) and the Capital Summit.

ISE 2016
Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the world’s fastest-growing and best-attended show in the professional AV and electronic systems space, setting the benchmark for other AV industry tradeshows. ISE 2016 takes place from 9 to 12 February 2016 and will once again take over all 12 halls at Amsterdam RAI. Maintaining its reputation for connecting new technologies, companies and end-user industries, ISE will continue to present an exciting show floor featuring more than 1,000 product launches as well as a packed programme full of education and events.


Why LED display the difference would be so big?

Recently heard LED Display And price cuts, Mr. Zhang is ready to buy a piece to enhance the overall image of what their own fruit, but a variety of products to the LED array electronics market, not knowledgeable themselves, can only do a brief introduction by the shopping guide at a preliminary understanding, sincere feel no choice. At last he came to a counter doing activities, because the price is much lower than the other counter, so he determined to buy a piece can be long before this screen appeared dead lights and many other issues, he had to foot the bill, which undoubtedly made him feel very upset.

After reading this story, you are not empathy, blind pursuit of cheap, but ignored the price of the product, really should not, therefore faced with low-priced market malicious trap, you may need to be vigilant!

So why is the same LED display Screen price gap will be so big? We know the most important factor affecting the cost of the LED display is, components of the highest proportion of the cost comes lamp.

So the question is, where is the so-called high-quality lamp in the end was good? 

And how to identify specific? 

The first trick: Look bracket

Currently, the market mainstream metal lamp holder silver plated copper and iron silver, although both metals only one word, but whether there are significant differences in the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and price.
Outdoor LED display during use, often to face rain and wet, sunny exposure and other harsh environments, which requires the device must have a good performance, to be able to withstand the outside world for its loss. Corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity Good make devices with longer life, better heat dissipation, the light fades smaller advantage. And we can conclude by comparing the test, the performance is much better than copper iron bracket. However, the price of copper stent is iron frame 10 times, or even more. For this reason, many manufacturers of quality regardless of the device, only the pursuit of low cost, high return, select iron frame as a raw material, and so much of 'low-cost device' will appear on the market.

The second measure: Distinguishing bonding wire

LED lights need via a connection chip and pin as a current conduction path, and acts as a bonding wire this cable. And bracket alloy as bonding wire is an important part of the device, which directly affect lamp pipe quality. manufacturers of the most common bonding wire has copper alloy wire and gold wire.

Gold wire and copper alloy wire contrast, inert stronger, in terms of anti-oxidation, anti-backpressure and manufacturing processes are more dominant, is the best choice for LED device material. However, due to a rare high-purity gold resources expensive, gold price is 10 times the copper wire, copper alloy between the gold wire and cable prices between. So, you want to get better quality LED devices, the price is certainly not so cheap.

So if you want to pursue good quality LED Display ,Do not blindly pursue low-cost, because the cost is out there, who can not escape ah!

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LED medical lighting -- Stimulate the muscles to prevent atrophy

Neuroscience expert staff Dalhousie University in Canada and the Brain Repair Center found a new method, you can skip the nervous system, directly stimulate nerve injury or disease linked to lose muscle.

When the nerve failure LED light success is directly stimulate the muscles to prevent atrophy

Taught at medical neurology department, who is also director of the Brain Repair Centre's Werther 'Laves (Victor Rafuse) Professor and his research partners together, an assistant professor with the department of Zhang Ying (Transliteration Ying Zhang) He said they successfully stimulate the muscles with LED lighting, enabling nerve injury and neurodegenerative diseases caused by atrophy and paralysis of the muscles react.

Dalhousie surgery residency and doctoral candidate Michael Phillips' report En (Philippe Magown) And graduate Basavaraj Shettar physicians and Travers and Zhang Ying cooperation this major medical breakthrough experiments and their findings on October 13, 2015, published in (Nature Communications) Journals.

'We found that through the skin as long as a day with the LED light irradiation one hour and there is no link nerve muscle, can prevent them from shrinking. Other studies successfully make the case of light to stimulate nerves, but we are able to skip the first case of nerves and direct action research on muscle. This study brings significant progress, because of the complete failure of neural tissue injury or as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, commonly known as getting cold) Other diseases, can not let the muscles by stimulating nerve functioning. '

Borrow from the LED light shines restore muscle function

To verify the light to directly stimulate muscle activity theory, the researchers implanted mice genes will react to light ion channels (ion channel) ,This ion channel was first discovered in the unicellular green algae, which the ion channels allow the muscles when exposed to blue light LED can stimulate contractions.

Scientists looking for a simple method of implanting ions into the body light reaction

'Our next step is to develop a light reaction able to ion channels directly to the muscles, without modifying the method of genetic composition so that we may have a way to find a viable therapy for humans.'

For example, Travers recommends that patients with hand muscles such ion channel transfer hand muscles nerve injury on failure. 'We see the development of a' possibility LED light gloves', and can be worn to avoid muscle atrophy, and when patients want to get something that can stimulate muscle contraction. '

Unlimited Potential applications are expected to help patients with neurological disorders disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

This new technology is still in the stage of research has many potential applications, including use in stimulating the patient's diaphragm disease Amyotrophic help because of neurons and synapses link failure mechanisms been suffering breathing problems in patients to stimulate their respiratory muscles, so the muscles to maintain the operation.

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Plant lighting new direction | LED illumination or plant diseases can be suppressed

US Department of Agriculture and the US Food and Agricultural Research Institute (NIFA) It will provide $ 1.7 million funding allows researchers to carry out the use of light to inhibit a variety of pathogens research program. Mark `Elijah (Mark Rea) Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the United States (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Director of the Lighting Research Center, will cover Road and Cornell University David `Agriculture and Life Sciences (David Gadoury) Cooperation involved in this research program. Joint research and two Norwegian research groups, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the Norwegian Center for Biological Economy Research.

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) As well as the United States Food and Agricultural Research (NIFA) We will provide $ 1.7 million (Equivalent to about 10.78 million yuan) Funding allows researchers to carry out the use of light to inhibit a variety of pathogens research program.

The research team will develop and test the UV-B and visible means of different production systems, to suppress powdery mildew (powdery mildew) Feasibility, to better understand how light affects the severity of the pathogen on the plant and development of these diseases.

The research team also shoulder the responsibility to promote, so that the public understand the importance of light on the control of plant diseases. And to further assist the relevant personnel to identify the most suitable sustainable crop production lighting technology.

US time on October 12, USDA and NIFA announced $ 50 million in funding for special crops research program (SCRI) .

The program aims to develop and promote the scientific method to solve problems specific crop concept, encompassing all the special category of crop production from the study of plant genes to develop new methods of production, design and find solutions to food poisoning.

NIFA bet many funds for high-tech agricultural research, education, and then extends to seek revolutionary solutions to social problems of mankind.

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Clara intelligent lights: capable of detecting people brain waves

'Brain waves' for the people seems to be a particularly mysterious thing, because people can not visually to feel its strength. This spring, visual art gallery in New York, a group of researchers announced the start of production of a brain capable of detecting people Intelligent light waves - Clara.

Clara thinking can help people find them easily dispersible thinking centralized peak. This lamp with embedded speakers, you can adjust the sound and lighting conditions change according to the human brain waves. The very beginning, Clara can issue a warm, Soft lighting, help to stimulate people's creativity, focus, once the test to enter the time when the state, Clara lights will become increasingly bleak cold, loud speakers and noise emitted, the more concentrated your voice noisy louder, so exercise your powers of concentration and shielded from external interference.

So Clara is how to make out?

Arduino Uno
Adafruit Music Maker
Sparkfun Bluetooth devices
Adafruit 1M 60-LED light bar
Neurosky brain wave monitoring equipment
A 4Ω 3W speakers
USB power supply or 4 AA NiMH batteries (Everywhere, its own search)

Arduino library:
Adafruit Neopixel
Adafruit VS1053
kitschpatrol's Brain library
Related Arduino code is also available on Github.

I do not know if you have not played a child playing with toys EEG MindFlex, this toy is by focusing attention to control the ball movement, Clara creativity comes from this.

Previously, researchers have tried to find a predictable regularity waves brain, the study found that the brain there is a 'eureka moment when thinking about (eureka moment) ', That is the peak, the researchers hope to predict brain inspired this 'eureka moment' and shield interference in this time period, for example, when a genius Reflections on the street, sudden inspiration, but the inspiration may be street car song break, if we can predict inspiration, and intends to avoid the harsh environment can solve this problem.

But it seemed to be somewhat impractical, researchers have tried to use Clara to visualize the brain waves, and then let the people exercise when anyone thinking by lights and noise, try to keep in noisy environments can maintain attention.

Currently Clara still debugging, the effect is not very good, so it is not a video demo.

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36W Class A Wall Washer Light

Brief introduction:
Led high-power wash Wall lamp, also known as linear LED Spotlights, etc., because of its elongate shape, it is also called LED line lights, is largely used for architectural lighting and light up the contours of a large building. Its technical parameters are generally similar to LED Spotlights, comparing to the circular structure LED flood light, led bar structure high-power wash Wall lamp’s thermal device is better.

1. Energy saving -- DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, electro-optic power close to 100%. Electricity saved by 70% comparing to traditional incandescent bulbs.
2. Environmental protection -- no UV, IR radiation, no heat, no mercury spill risk.
3. Longevity -- 5-80000 hours, which is 10 times more than traditional incandescent lifespan, light failure less than 1000H5%. Automatic producing, processing with dissipation technology, lifespan is longer.
4. Easy to install -- direct access to civil 220V AC power.
5. Tensile aluminum die-casting lamp stand, anodized surface, acrylic lampshade, with good light transmission and protection against dust and water.
6. Ingress protection grade IP65, high waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and impact resistance.
7. Excellent electrical property, good monochrome and color rendering, color rendering index above 85 percent.

1. Large parks, squares, tourist spot and landscape lighting;
2. Community, plant lighting, lounge, living, and leisure places;
3. Road pavement area lightening.

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